Pacific Ocean

There are 17 independent states in the Pacific Ocean.

Each country has its own distinct culture. Culinary differences are impossible not to feel, but going to a restaurant, regardless of the resort, will always fill you with a lot of taste sensations.

How the Pacific meets you depends on the occasion and your luck. In summer, on a nice sunny day, the black sand of the beach is heated to such an extent that it is impossible to walk barefoot! In such weather, daredevils can plunge into the waves of the surf or simply undress and soak up the sun. But it also happens that when leaving, accompanied by the sun, you arrive at the surf, over which lead clouds are already hanging and a piercing cold wind is blowing. At this moment, you will fully appreciate the power of the Pacific Ocean and the changeability of the weather. 

You can also climb one of the rocks, which offers a stunning panoramic view (no special physical training or special equipment is required).

The Pacific Ocean offers white and black sand beaches, picturesque landscapes, and a great unforgettable vacation.