Mexico – is considered one of the most exotic countries in the world, thanks to its secret islands, the delightful Caribbean Sea, and the luxurious capital. National cuisine attracts all tourists with its enchanting aromas and magical delicacies.

Mexico is a country of delicious food, but this does not mean that here you will try only amazing tacos or tartos. Mexico is a country of contrasts, and the range of national dishes here varies greatly from north to south. Every restaurant in the north offers delicious grilled carne asada or succulent cabrito, on the Pacific coast in Sinaloa you will be treated to a variety of seafood dishes, and in the west, in the state of Jalisco, you will try the fantastic tortas ahogadas pie.

Everyone who has visited this country can say with confidence: “This is a country of smiles.” Indeed, as soon as you start your journey, you will see kind, helpful locals who can always come to your aid and suggest directions, a delicious street cafe, or a cheap shopping center.

Mexico is a stunning country rich in exotic flora and fauna. This North American country has its own unique inhabitants, which you can meet in the vast jungle or sea waters.

Here you will find the best beaches in the world. You can visit the state of Baja California, which is surrounded by turquoise waters, where you can see whole families of dolphins. The states of Cancun and Tulum are famous for their crystal clear waters and white sand beaches where you can enjoy your stay in Mexico.

Mexico is a combination of different peoples and nationalities, which makes the country even more fascinating.