Middle East

Stunning landscapes of mountain ranges, gentle sea, ocean expanse, and cultural splendor make the Middle East a great place to travel. Deserts and great civilizations, the birthplace of the world’s largest religions, wisdom and discord – all mixed up in its mercilessly sun-scorched expanses.

The high standard of living and its accompanying pleasures are not unusual here: first-class hotels and restaurants, entertainment centers, magnificent museums and galleries, high-quality shopping – in a word, everything for the delight of body and soul.

Many countries of the Middle East offer the most interesting sights, wide opportunities for treatment, a lot of active outdoor activities, and, finally, delicious cuisine.

The countries of the Levant – Israel and Jordan, Syria and Lebanon – are the heart and soul of the Middle East. People come here to touch the origins – for human civilization there is no land older than this. The roots of Judaism and Christianity are located here, so a considerable percentage of the “Levantine” tourists are pilgrims and those who wish to temporarily fall out of the daily whirlwind and think about the eternal. Let’s not forget to mention the resort attractions of the region – with such a variety of seas and beaches, no one will be left out of work: connoisseurs of underwater beauty plunge into the Red Sea, lovers of the sun and sand cover the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and those who want to heal and shake themselves lie on the surface of the Dead Sea.