Northern America

North American countries are countries about which everyone has their own opinion. After coming to these countries, you will immediately understand: you have not known anything about them before. The more interesting it is to discover them!

North America is one of 6 continents with 23 countries. The largest and most famous of them are the USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and others.

The most famous country in North America is the USA. People come here to enjoy New York, play casinos in Las Vegas, get close to the stars in Los Angeles, sunbathe on the beaches of Miami, catch a wave in Hawaii or walk in the hills of San Francisco. You can be sure that in America you will find amazing nature and a huge number of national parks, wonderful beaches – whether it be the coast of the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean, and even more so the Hawaiian Islands, a huge number of amusement parks – for both children and adults, festivals and the best music concerts every day, great shopping and some of the best museums in the world, especially contemporary art.

Canada is not far behind in natural beauty – here you will find world-famous national parks, waterfalls, rocky mountains, and 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Many people dream of coming to North America because of Cuba. Get to know Cuban culture, relax on gorgeous sandy beaches, visit the places where Ernesto Che Guevara made history, and just taste the local rum while puffing on a real Cuban cigar.

The thing is, they are very different countries. There are several climatic and time zones. People of various nationalities and all races that exist in the world live there. Everything is here – and this is not a metaphor. A trip here is definitely worth it because you can make some fascinating discoveries.