One of the most remote, fascinating, and highly developed countries in the world with an amazing and multifaceted culture, alluring dense forests, vast steppe landscapes, and amazing sea coasts – it is easy to understand why Australia is in unprecedented demand among tourists. This fascinating country perfectly suits every taste, budget, and age, because it has everything you need for a bright and comfortable holiday.

Australia is so big that no matter what time of the year you arrive, the wonderful climate allows you to travel around the country all year round. This is the driest continent on Earth, but at the same time, 6 climatic zones are represented here, which provide a wide variety of natural conditions – from deserts to sea coasts from tropical forests to snow-capped mountains. Thus, there is a great opportunity to offer an unforgettable holiday for all tastes, even the most demanding tourists.

During excursions, you can explore the wilderness, snorkel for the first time on the Great Barrier Reef, and go to the Whitsunday archipelago. Be sure to find yourself in the most exciting city of Sydney, where the Harbor Bridge, the TV tower, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, and the world’s most famous Sydney Opera House deserve your attention.

Australia prides itself on having some of the best beaches on the planet, so when you’re on holiday with the whole family, you’ll be able to choose the one that’s right for you, from fabulous pristine white sand beaches to charming, futuristically designed coastlines.

For those who prefer to spend their holidays actively, conquering the waves, Australia has become a second home. Only here you can ride the waves of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. You will see with your own eyes the most exotic sharks, turtles, colorful fish, and, of course, the incredible beauty of corals. Traveling through the dense jungle, getting to know the ancient culture of the natives, exotic national cuisine, and shopping, all this is available in Australia.