North Africa

North Africa is the best destination for those who want to immerse themselves in an authentic Moorish-Berber atmosphere, with all its attractive attributes: coffee pots with bent noses, red-walled palaces in the middle of the sands, aching lute melodies, and a crazy black starry sky, a high dome leaning over the sighing earth. At the same time, which is no less important, if you are not yet ready to completely break away from civilization, all the components of life in a European way are present: both modern hotels, many of which easily plug their “colleagues” from the Old World into the belt, and excellent roads with signs in Latin, and in general the rules of life of the local population – not without original quirks, of course, but on the whole very reasonable from the point of view of a European.

This is one of the world’s most popular beach holiday destinations. 

The Mediterranean beaches here are wide, with fine white sand, and the entry into the water is usually gentle, which is extremely convenient for the little ones and for those who are not good swimmers. North Africa has an amazingly rich excursion, both historical and natural. Landscapes here fascinate even skeptics.

There are two gastronomic tables here – spicy and sweets. Hot pepper and a lot of aromatic spices are indispensable components of North African dishes.

Souvenirs of North Africa are Berber mats and red fez hats, flower essences, dates and olive oil, leather shoes, and openwork bird cages.