Asia is a unique and mysterious part of the world with a rich history, culture, and a wide range of diverse climates. The originality of this part of the world is due to the fact that for many centuries it was inaccessible to Europeans for a number of reasons.

Asia is not only the intersection of different civilizations but also the crossroads of the most massive religions in the world. An interest in Buddhism and Islam serves as a weighty argument to make a trip with an educational purpose. What is only sacred to the Islamic world Arabian cities of Mecca and Medina. If you are interested in Buddhism and its ancient shrines, then you can make a trip to Buddhist temples in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Thailand.

Asia has the most ancient and colorful history. Ancient civilizations have long existed here, leaving amazing and magnificent monuments to their descendants. Among the countless man-made sights of Asia during the trip, it is worth seeing in the first place: the Borobudur temple, the Taj Mahal, the Terracotta Army, and the Great Wall of China.

The shores of Asia are washed by the waters of two oceans: the Indian and the Pacific. Here, lovers of beach holidays, diving, and yachting will find entertainment to their liking. The seaside resorts of Asia are kilometers of white sandy beaches, a warm ocean, and a subequatorial climate, when it is warm all year round – ideal for travel.

Asia is not only a region of ancient history, it is a highly urbanized and rapidly developing country. If you are not interested in nature and history, but, on the contrary, are attracted by the attributes of modernity, you will find them here. Fans of nightlife and trendy entertainment should go to Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.